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We Appreciate your Membership in CAEPS

CAEPS Saves You Money

  • CAEPS  successfully LOBBIED for changes to the law that let your technicians give dilating and anesthetic drops so you don’t have to, representing around $10-15,000 per year in “gained” productivity and efficiency.

  • CAEPS WORKED with Noridian Healthcare Solutions, the Medicare Administrative Contractor for our Jurisdiction, to successfully achieve improved reimbursements for:
    • iStent (approximately $120 more per procedure, statewide average)
    • Xen45 Gel Stent (restored a 90-day global period, that ensures a minimum $760 fee, statewide average, including post-op visits, vs. approximately $270 plus post-op visitsthat might not be billable because of awkward co-pays for each visit).
    • Repackaged Avastin for intravitreal use ($13/dose) related to increased costs resulting from needed change from TB syringes to Norm-Vasc ones.
  • CAEPS BLOCKED a Medicare requirement to do a visual function questionnaire on every cataract surgery patient, something that would have tied up your staff for about 15 minutes per case.

  • CAEPS successfully AIDED countless practices in correcting claims so they were paid.

CAEPS Fights Policies that Hurt Your Practice and Patients

  • CAEPS STOPPED a policy referencing “20/40 or worse” visual acuity (making about 20% of routine cases “questionable.”)

  • CAEPS PREVENTED legislation allowing optometrists to perform intravitreal injections and laser and eyelid surgery with trivial training (on the order of HOURS).

  • CAEPS MONITORS and ADDRESSES countless regulations and bills, and maintains relationships with legislators to ensure ophthalmology has a voice.

    CAEPS Offers Other Benefits

    • Assistance with claims questions

    • Coding seminars and coding question help

    • Social/Networking events

    • OMIC premium discounts

    • Sponsoring residents and fellows to attend national meetings exposing them to policy making

    New Benefit: Weekly Practice Management Series in Collaboration with the AAO

    Sample Episode:

    Joining AAO and CMA is NOT Enough

    We partner with them, but the American Academy of Ophthalmology only handles FEDERAL issues, and the California Medical Association represents over 20 specialties.

    CAEPS provides the unique insight to represent ophthalmology with dedicated Sacramento staff focused on our issues!

    The REAL Bottom Line

    alifornia paves the way for all 50 states. The rest of your career could be impacted by today’s legislation!

    Without strong state-level representation, legislation could make your ability to practice more difficult or threaten patient safety.

    Thank you for Being Part of an Organization working for California Ophthalmology!

    Why I Belong

    “CAEPS works tirelessly to ensure we can practice ophthalmology here in California with minimal insurance company hassles and other red tape. I strongly recommend supporting its efforts by being a member.

    David H. Aizuss, MD

    2018-19 President, CMA
    Trustee, AMA

    “I am a proud member of CAEPS, the only statewide group representing California ophthalmologists and our patients. Its strong public education and legislative advocacy help ensure our ability to provide the best possible quality patient care.”

    Anne L. Coleman, MD, PhD

    Immediate Past President, AAO

    Although AAO and ASCRS represent us nationally, we depend on CAEPS’ advocacy for local issues, such as scope-of-practice and reimbursement policies. Every California ophthalmologist should belong because we need an effective, collective voice to protect our patients and our profession.”

    David F. Chang, MD
    Past President, ASCRS

    “When our practice’s Medicare revenues were interrupted for months due to a bureaucratic error, CAEPS fixed the problem. It has always been a tireless advocate for ophthalmology and our patients in Sacramento, but it does so much more.”

    Andrew Calman, MD, PhD
    Past President, CAEPS

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