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2020 Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Photo of Amin Ashrafzadeh, MD, President

Amin Ashrafzadeh, MD


Photo of Roma Patel, MD, President-Elect

Roma Patel, MD, MBA


Photo of Rahul N. Khurana, MD, Immediate Past President

Rahul N. Khurana, MD

Immediate Past President 

Photo of Michael Couris, MD, Vice President, Advocacy and Program

Michael Couris, MD

Vice President
Advocacy and Program

Photo of Jennifer Hui, MD, Vice President, Finance and Administration

Jennifer Hui, MD

Vice President

Finance and Administration

Photo of Craig H. Kliger, MD, Executive Vice President

Craig H. Kliger, MD

Executive Vice President


James D. Brandt, MD

Region 1

Photo of Angela N. Buffenn, MD, MPH, Region 5 Trustee

Angela N. Buffenn, MD, MPH

Region 5, Office 1

Photo of Harrup Kaur, MD, Region 4 Trustee

Harrup Kaur, MD

Region 4

Photo of Scott E. Lee, MD, MPH, Region 2 Trustee

Scott E. Lee, MD, MPH

Region 2

Photo of Stephen McLeod, MD, University Faculty Trustee

Stephen McLeod, MD

University Faculty

Photo of Mihir "Max" Parikh, MD, Region 6 Trustee

Mihir "Max" Parikh, MD

Region 6

Arvind Saini, MD, MBA

Region 3

Photo of Poorab Sangani, MD, Very Large Group Trustee

Poorab Sangani, MD

Very Large Group

Diana Shiba, MD

Region 5, Office 2

Photo of  Victoria Tseng, MD, Member-In-Training Trustee

Victoria Tseng, MD


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